I've pretty much exhausted myself some this past week, getting the new place ready, working, and doing a few things on the side, which are mostly the reasons I haven't been able to check in here.

My attic room at the townhouse still has a ways to go, furnishing-wise, and I've been making little purchases everyday. The bathroom is nearly done save for a shower curtain, a mirror, and other bitsy things. The sleeping area's got my lamp and radio-alarm clock, and the mattress and linen are ready for use. I'm planning to frame a whole lot of artwork for the white walls. The ceiling is a bit high so there's a lot of vertical real estate.

I have yet to spend the night there. After that way freaky feeling I had on the first night, I figured that my system wasn't still used to the place, so I've just been visiting after work. Over this weekend, I'll be staying the night.

- - - - - - - - -

Went to Enchanted Kingdom with the gang last weekend. It was the first time I ever set foot in the place, so there definitely was the "magic" in there. (Iba talaga pag "first time.") Among the four rides I took, the fave is definitely the Space Shuttle, which to me should bear the theme "Just let go." I would've wanted to go on another spin, but it was late and we had to take the long trip back to Manila.

The experience in EK differed a lot from Paskong Pasiklab, that Commonwealth-based carnival the gang visited over the Christmas break. This amusement park rests on the other end of the economies scale -- cheap entrance, standard "school fair" rides. I did very well with the pistol at the shooting range, redeeming myself after that horrible turn at the basketball booth. This park gave the kind of fun that you can't possibly find in EK. There's a lot of innocence in there, taking one's self back to the days when the simple pleasures were the greatest pleasures. Nothing looks manufactured nor tainted by enterprise.

In the gut-wrenching thrills and literal spills department, however, EK gets it. If we had a whole day to spare, the very very steep ride-all-you-can ticket would've been well worth it.


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