Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Being Vocal

A couple of nights ago, I was in a recording studio to do the voice-over (VO) for the audio-video presentation (AVP) of a charity foundation. For a while, it took some effort to get the vocal chords in proper modulated mode, but it turned out quite well with a few retakes.

Now the label "vocal talent" isn't exactly one I take seriously, since my speaking voice isn't up to par compared to the seasoned. On separate occasions, I submitted a demo tape to an ad agency and did a voice demo for a production house, but never managed to bag anything out of it. Before this AVP, I did only two "professional" VO's: one was for InfoExpress' interactive voice response system ("Press one for movie schedules, press two for screening times..."), and the other one was a radio ad for Cinnabon.

Doing VO's is fun, even if I struggle a few times to keep my voice consistent. Still, I'd rather use my voice for singing, one of my delusions of grandeur.

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