Monday, October 20, 2003

Stocking Up

Got myself a few new trades lately. I finally got my copy of Neil Gaiman’s Endless Nights, still crisp in its shrink-wrapped packaging. Then there’s the New X-Men trade Assault on Weapon Plus, and David Brin and Scott Hampton’s The Life Eaters, based on Brin’s Hugo-listed science fiction short story. Haven’t been able to read the whole lot of them, even the ones I had purchased beforehand. They will be consumed come Christmas break.

On the comics creation front, new ideas have been piling for the next solo project, which will most probably Project: Santacruzan, another action-adventure which I’m contemplating to be more on the edgy side. It’ll have comedy in there, though it won’t be as crazy as Zsazsa Zaturnnah. Project: Santacruzan was conceptualized before Zsazsa Zaturnnah, so I feel that this would be a logical follow-up. Now that I have a legit publisher helping me out, I can muster a thicker volume and not have to spend on the printing.

Again, I say ‘most probably.’ No telling what’s going to happen before I finally get to sit down to plan and write it.


Wilson Tortosa (Battle of the Planets) dropped by Comic Quest and showed some of his new pencilled pages for his new project, the nature of which I feel I don’t have the liberty of sharing just yet. He’s tweaked his art style a bit for the new project, but it’s undeniably Tortosa. Anyways, along with the finished pencils, he showed his rough thumbnails, originally drawn small-sized then blown-up with a photocopier for tracing.

This is the system I want to employ for Twilight Empires and I’ve been getting myself accustomed to it with the full-color pin-ups for the Zaturnnah compilation. It’s a tedious and lengthy process, but guarantees cleaner art in the end.

(If in case you’re curious about what the four pin-ups will feature, there’s one with Zsazsa Zaturnnah, one with the Amazonistas, and two with Ada, Didi and Dodong. I’ll be showing some skin.)


This Saturday’s going to be a full day. I won’t be able to make it to the blessing of a friend’s new house, but hopefully he’ll postpone that since I’m not the only one who couldn’t go. First up will be submitting more new pages to the publisher in Makati City, then I head for U.N. Avenue in Manila to emcee Angelo’s birthday party with friends and some kids from indigent families. Dinner will take me back to Makati where I touch base with other peeps, two of whom I’ve heard are getting hitched. Because the lot of them frequent Malate, I’ll leave it to my energy levels to decide whether or not I’ll go along.

Sunday afternoon will be for a follow-up interview with Apol Lejano, former editor of Good Housekeeping, where we talk about the creative process and being struggling artists. She’s gathering material for a possible book project about visual artists, musicians, and other creative types who go about the daily grind to generate funds for their artistic ventures. I guess I fall under that category. I hope to get all the sidelines out of the way by that time.

The following weekend is still up in the air. Jayce’s birthday falls on the first of November, and the gang might decide to meet up. But I’ve yet to check with the family if we’re going to camp at the cemetery, a semi-regular ritual for the past decade. (Daddy and Gramps are buried there.)

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