Monday, October 27, 2003

45 things about me

Checking Tobie's blog, I was reminded of googlism. Search your name and have fun. Following are most of my results plus commentary.

1. carlo is off for a week
I wish.

2. carlo is not all it's cracked up to be
My self-deprecating self agrees.

3. carlo is an artist

4. carlo is great
I suppose so.

5. carlo is value priced
Read: I’m cheap.

6. carlo is the greatest
I thought I was just “great.”

7. carlo is an artist and a network member
Okay, okay! I confess! I joined Barclay and NuSkin!

8. carlo is situated in the very heart of the historical centre of rome
My clone.

9. carlo is now on sale in australia
Hmmm… calling David…

10. carlo is now used routinely in many diverse fields
Yes, I’m a versatile prostitute.

11. carlo is a neural net based computer backgammon player which has learned to play backgammon by self play
Uh… yesss…

12. carlo is value
At least it’s better than “value-priced.”

13. carlo is a millionaire newport beach businessman as well as a political supporter
I’ll take millionaire anytime.

14. carlo is classy with a wild streak
Classy = stiff and self-conscious
Wild Streak = Hmmm… I’m not telling…

15. carlo is a potentially hazardous place to be
Potentially. So beware…

16. carlo is on his own; his only companion is his dog
I don’t have a dog.

17. carlo is a favorite of classical music lovers everywhere
I had a classical musician once…

18. carlo is a full service resort with an excellent elegant and flashy casino
Full service? Yes, I can clean the dirt off your toenails with my teeth and massage your legs while you waltz the baroque-inspired strobe-lit slot machines.

19. carlo is fairly easy to drive despite its girth
What do you know about my girth???

20. carlo is available in two styles
Saccharin Sweet and Secret Spicy.

21. carlo is ready for the rock
But is The Rock ready for me?

22. carlo is a philosopher
Carlo is pilosopo.

23. carlo is not perfect
If I was I’d be rich.

24. carlo is a 2
After a while, you get used to hearing “let’s just be friends.”

25. carlo is already on sale at dealerships with a starting manufacturer's suggested retail price plus destination charge of ____
I’ll throw in a discount.

26. carlo is experiencing a return to its roots
I'm regressing to my past life as a camote.

27. carlo is just as tempting and just as exclusive
I’m as tempting and as exclusive as a phone-sex operator.

28. carlo is the sleekly shaped coupe that is absolutely contemporary
Anyone into cars?

29. carlo is hearbroken over his loss
Moving on, moving on…

30. carlo is ready for success with rule modifications and fast texas track
Figuratively true.

31. carlo is going in the same direction as his respective mother
Does this mean I have an irrespective mother?

32. carlo is original or customized
Classic Aquarian: Unpredictable, bordering schizophrenic.

33. carlo is searching for don alvaro to avenge the death of his father and is disguised as a student of salamanca
34. carlo is a member of the legislative assembly in the parliament of victoria
In case you’re wondering what I’m REALLY up to.

35. carlo is much quieter than any previous generation
. . .

36. carlo is not the only one facing a crisis of sorts
So what’s your crisis?

37. carlo is held prisoner
Yes! Oh, please, rescue meeeh!

38. carlo is nowhere to be found
Even I don’t know where I am.

39. carlo is beautiful
Someone told me that once.

40. carlo is one of the toughest events because of the challenges it offers
I know some people who’ll agree to this.

41. carlo is traveling the united states teaching people to use meditation as a form of prayer
I heard that this kind of racket can be very profitable.

42. carlo is a native of los angeles
Another clone.

43. carlo is easily accessible and linked to other european nations
Turkejistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, at kung anu-ano pang diyan-diyan.

44. carlo is serious stuff and worth your serious attention
Bottom line.

45. carlo is at a turning point in his life
Well said. Very well said.

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