Monday, September 01, 2003

What's next?

That cruel aspect behind winning an award rests on the dispelling of reductionist notions, and it is here where a new challenge looms, that which seeks to disprove, absolutely or impressionably, the phenomenon of the fluke.

The level of relative success being enjoyed by Zsazsa Zaturnnah is, by the meager standards of our little noveau comics movement, phenomenal, and leaves me at times in a state of disbelief. Despite one too many plaudits from readers, the media, the academe, and the showbiz world, encompassing a broad age range from college students to working professionals (even a few parents) across gender and sexual preference, it’s prudent to dismiss Zsazsa Zaturnnah – the comic book -- as a rare animal, a genetic anomaly who may not find her Adam anytime soon. Though the plotworks for “Zsazsa in Manila” are simmering, there’s no guarantee that the sequel will be at par with the original, making for a possible case of sophomore let-down.

But there is no overwhelming pressure on my part to match the accolades of Zsazsa Zaturnnah as the recipe escapes me. (I can only surmise that it’s got something for everyone.) Fact is, to cater to any kind of market-defined standard would only stifle my freedom as a creator whose tenets favor exploration. “I just want to make comics” is oft-quoted, and it’ll remain a conviction, with wide audience or without, whatever the genre.

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