Friday, September 19, 2003

Mukhang Komiks

Last night, I picked up from Comic Quest two copies of Neil Gaiman’s Endless Nights, an anthology of shorts and vignettes focusing on each member of The Endless. Two copies, yes. One for my cousin and one for her boyfriend. Down the line, I’m getting myself a copy.

By production values alone, Endless Nights is well worth the price and though I haven’t gone to reading the thing, I’m certain that Gaiman won’t disappoint. The art is delicious, and in skimming through the book, the works of Frank Quitely, P. Craig Russell, and Milo Manara stood out.

I was half-and-half, however, with the second issue of 1602, Gaiman’s interpretation of the Marvel Universe with art by Andy Kubert. In a word, sumablay. While I had wished that they got someone else for the art chores, like Michael Zulli (Last Temptation) or Jon J. Muth (Mystery Play), I had a fun time with the first issue. Somehow, issue two had a hiccup down the middle, like it suddenly went up notches on the fan-service barometer. But because everyone trusts Gaiman to deliver, we'll all be keeping our toes crossed.

Almost done with Astro City: Life In The Big City. Soon I’ll be picking up Confessions, the second trade which I’ve heard has a gay thing going. I’m still crawling through the Invisibles’ fourth trade Bloody Hell In America, and I haven’t started Hopeless Savages. Shame, shame on me.

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