I visited Budj's phlog one day, and there was a picture of me with the National Book Award trophy. One of the messages on the comment board caught my attention. It said, "I was right beside Carl Vergara at Starbucks last night and was embarrassed enough to restrain myself from gushing, "Ohmigod, I am such a FAN!"

Now I've only been at Starbucks once during the past few weeks to meet my partner-in-emotional-crime Jam. It was at Starbucks where I told her that I bagged the award, and I had no idea that a person beside me was bursting at the seams. Makes for a nice indie film scene.

The last time I gushed in that context was when ... hell, I don't remember.

Setting Standards

This Saturday I will be at the Ateneo to do a lecture on Page and Panel Composition. For the past two weeks, I've been hammering my noggin', trying to find out how I'm supposed to effectively go about it. Page and Panel Composition is not an easy thing to teach, because they're aspects of the comic book whose function escapes notice. They do their work subtly; you're not supposed to actively take note of them.

The LEARN Center (Megamall) had a formal course on comics creation. I am also aware that some groups have their own backyard comics creation courses. Alamat even had a couple in the late 90s. (Gawd, that's soooo last-century.) I haven't been able to attend any of them, so I'm only trusting my supposed wealth of knowledge for Saturday's stint. Because I'm not content with a simple question-and-answer format, I've to create simple courseware for it, replete with examples from published work, and a syllabus that'll help the participants through the 3-hour session. A real classroom set-up.

I can only hope that the number of participants won't be dismally low.


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