Monday, September 08, 2003

Computer Cruising

With the death of my hard drive came the decision to ditch the CPU and get a new one, thus demanding a major expense. Since I only have a pitiful amount of hardware knowledge, the task of determining what makes for a passable system isn’t easy, especially given the insanely numerous component brands and their insanely numerous products. While the recommendations from friends are generally appreciated, they only add to the confusion.

So this morning I asked my computer-savvy brother to help me out, and he contacted his more computer-savvy friend to put together a package for me. I’m targetting the end of the week for this. It all depends on whether or not I can collect from my finished sideline projects.

I’m also looking at getting a DVD player and a decent television. We’ll see. We’ll see.

About Andrew

Andrew Drilon just turned 18 years old, but the depth of his writing is years way ahead of his young and seemingly innocuous visage. And the guy can draw, too. When he showed me his original Darna story, drawn in his well-worn sketchbook, all I could comment was “Mayabang,” (Show off!) which is the most positive piece of praise I could offer. He’s 18 for chrissakes, and yet the creative power he wields coupled with his ability to adhere to craft is uncanny. If he plays his cards right in the creative arena, he’s definitely one talented lad to look out for.

With his handy tarot cards, he obliged answering yes-and-no questions from yours truly. Four questions I issued, one about family and, short of hinting at my desparation, three about my love life, or the apparent absence of it. As a matter of course, one of the love questions had to be about the ex.

He’s got insight, that much I could say, more so since he doesn’t know me or my personal history that well. His interpretations of the drawn cards either confirmed what I had believed all along, or tittilated me by their sheer truth. My stand on fortune telling is more of the “it would be nice if that happened” sort, and the next six months might introduce some new dramatic episode in my life.

But before you make your conclusions about his planetary origins, you should here Andrew’s rendition of Shaggy’s “Angel,” and Britney’s “You Drive Me Crazy.” His pop-rock chords will surely pose major threats to Sir El’s boy band harping.

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