Sunday, August 10, 2003

Responsorial Psalm

From David: Someone you love, or someone who loves you?

This is a toughie. Hmmm. . . This question assumes that the other party is devoid of even an iota of affection towards the other. Honestly, I’d rather not have either, but just for the sake of answering, better the latter than the former.

Martyrdom sucks. I thank you.

From Dean: Do you do it for love?

If you’re asking about sex (like, what else would it be about?), then the answer is always yes, with no exceptions unless there’s an upheaval in the cosmic order.

From Dino: How do you love?

Being an Aquarius, I can get kind of unpredictable. It’s all circumstantial. But definitely I’d go out of my way, occasionally quite foolishly, to make sure the other party feels important and needed.

From Elbert: Does this mean you'll be going back to your acting roots and play a part of some sort in Zsazsa the movie?" And, and, "What's your favorite color?" (Since you’re such a nice guy, Sir El, I’ll answer both.)

I’ve no acting involvement in the Zsazsa movie, and film isn’t really my province. Acting for film is a different discipline altogether, and I’m convinced of the fact that I’m not “telegenic.”

My favorite color is slightly desaturated blue.

From Tobie: Flurry or miscopic?

Sir Tobie, the two words do not compute. Flurry is more “agitated” while miscopic is a contraction of “microscopic.”

From A: What are you writing now?

Working on “Hierbas.”

From greenjack: Where did you go, little boy?

The Mosque of The Twice-Conceived.

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