Monday, July 28, 2003

Twilight Spotlight

Vin reported recently that the first-issue script of his spectacularly stupendous ultramega-epic science-fiction fantasy opera Twilight Empires (TwEmp) is near completion, painstakingly edited by the exotically-featured editrix Nikki. These past weeks I’ve been toying with various character designs, as well as tuning my subsconscious sponge to visual inspirations for the insanely myriad array of techgizmos, battleships, locales, and cultures of TwEmp. Vin trusts me to an endearing fault and, thanks to him, I’m about to face my most challenging art and design assignment so far. It will be wise, Vin, that you reserve a room -- a suite, with the works – at the NIMH. (And I’m not talking about the Don Bluth's magical rats.)

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