Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Today, I made one of the biggest decisions of my life. To some, it may just be one of those decisions, especially if its just par for the course, but to me it translates to beginning a new chapter. As Dean said, I should expect big changes in my life the moment I made the choice; nothing will ever be the same again.

No, I'm not getting married. And I'm not getting a sex change.


This morning, I found a note from James Denning on my desk. A sweet surprise, something totally unexpected. It reads:

Carlo -

Thanks for sharing me your book. I like the way you mix up styles of art in the same panel and the energy of your line work. I wish I read Tagalog -- superhero-eating frogs? It looks like fun. Good luck with it.

James Denning

Sure, he's not up there like Jim Lee or Bryan Hitch, or our very own Gerry Alanguilan or Leinil Francis Yu, but he works for DC Comics. Anyone who does something for DC Comics is, like, WOW.

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