Tuesday, July 22, 2003

A Plan Is A Plan

Some members of the gang, particularly Dean, Jason, and Marco, have been hinting about some of their creative endeavors over the long-term, whether they be tinkering with concepts, fleshing out plotlines or writing actual stories. Just to join this little bandwagon, let me share some of the artsy stuff swimming in my noggin’, if only to help me keep track of the number of ideas waiting to be explored.

1) Project: Zsazsa In Manila – Ada and Dodong arrive in Manila and shack up in Gwyneth’s Sta. Ana home. The Zaturnnah stone comes back through familiar circumstances, and our protagonists face yet another foe (with a serpentine persona) who’s hell-bent in taking over the world. Also, Ada and Dodong go through their first “lover’s quarrel.” (Filipino)
2) Project: Misunderstanding – A modern-day Pinoy horror/drama. (Filipino)
3) Project: Santacruzan – A gay-themed comedy starring a homophobe. (Filipino)
4) Project: Period Piece – Another horror/drama, about everlasting love and socio-religious politics, this time set in Hinirang. (English)
5) Project: Wake – My team-up with Cante Ista scribe David Hontiveros. A modern fantasy talkie tale that examines gender roles. (English)
6) Project: Zsazsa In Outer Space – ‘Nuff said. (Filipino)
7) Project: Keyboard – A cross-world science-fiction/fantasy drama. (English)

Whew! This is enough material to last me seven years, not counting the mammoth work I’m about to do for Vin’s Twilight Empires, and the semi-regular writing and illustration chores for the Hinirang website. Again, I’m not getting my hopes up that all seven will see the light of day. But it’s good to have some sort of plan.

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