One of the best things that happened today was receiving good news from Marc, that our fledgling company Kestrel IMC beat out a major industry player in handling the website overhaul of a big company, which I'll call Plum Account.

We were contacted by Asia Online to be their design partner in the pitch to Plum Account, where six other bigshots in the graphic design/web development industry were invited to pitch as well. Dean alongside AOL did the blah blah during the preliminaries and was later chosen to be one of the final two companies to go head-to-head. It was a David and Goliath thing, if I may offer a metaphor.

It's always a good feeling when you bag a major account. Always good for the portfolio. But the trade off is usually a lot of work and a lot of frustration. I don't think Plum Account's gonna be an exception. But we'll see.

On the home front, mom just got back from the hospital, but I've yet to find out what she's suffering from. All those tests. It doesn't seem like anything major, but any trip to any hospital is a cause for worry.

Love you, mom. Get well.


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