Thursday, July 31, 2003

Leaping Salmon!!

In the late nineties, I had one of those ideas that I really didn’t share with anyone because it was just… well… one of those ideas. The kind that didn’t have much of a future given the fact that I was a mere employee trying to make do with what I had.

The concept involved a delivery service, wherein the items on the menu list are not cooked meals, but raw ingredients. Being an occasional cook, and having been holed up for a time in a Makati condo, I grew frustrated over the fact that those exotic ingredients found in cookbooks were nowhere to be found. And if they were available, I didn’t need to buy a whole pack or bottle, but just enough for a special dish or two, either just for myself or for a friend or visitor.

So why not have a delivery service that features a menu of really swanky dishes, the ingredients of which would be delivered to your home so you could prepare them yourself? This service is, of course, meant for those who like to cook.

It sounded like a good idea at the time but I had to get back to the real world.

But apparently, some folks in England had the same idea and took off with it. They’re called Leaping Salmon, and their website is here.

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