James D.

This is just too unreal.

Tonight I was making my final email checks at the office before heading off to SM Megamall. As some of you may well know, our office has been squatting at the space of Glue, a video production outfit. For most of the day, Glue has been busy doing editing work for a client's video.

Just a while ago, the guy who was representing the client approached me and engaged in a bit of small talk, starting with the Daredevil cover of The Cinematographer Magazine. We then started to talk about other superhero flicks, until we took the topic to comics in general. He was a collector, who loves the new Daredevil work of Brian Michael Bendis.

I was surprised to find out that he works on a per-project basis with DC Comics, doing writing chores for DCs Cartoon Network line, particularly Dexter's Laboratory. His names James Denning, and he'll be flying to California next week to attend the San Diego Comicon.



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