Saturday, July 12, 2003

I'm Ready for My Close Up, Mr. DeMille...

Okay. So my interview on ABS-CBN's Knowledge Power was aired a few minutes ago. I heard that it was a well-made feature, so it's all good. Thanks to Manny Segunto and Weng Aniano for being very prompt and professional. This marks my third major appearance on television out of a total of six.

My first major appearance was waaaay back in 1982 or '83, sixth grade, when I joined a storytelling contest on June Keithley's The Children's Hour...

Now's the time to read your books
Now's the time to pray
Now's the time to run around
Now's the time to play
Now's the time to sing our tune
Now the time is ours
So c'mon and join the fun
Join The Children's Hour

The contest was sponsored by that short-lived soya milk drink Vita. Every week of the promo period, two young 'uns would face off in telling original stories on how the soya bean came to be. My opponent was a wee innocent female who shared her tale about a princess named Soraya, whose tears became soy beans. Yes, the height of originality.

I told my story in Carl Sagan mode, being a fan of the show Cosmos at the time. My story was about a great war where everyone died. To bring about new life to the land, the gods took the eyes of the dead people and planted them in the valley between the combatants' lands. The eyes grew to become the first soybean plant. Yes, world, at sixth grade, my brain was already out there.

I lost to the female and got the irrelevant second prize, a Fisher-Price wooden sailboat. Ugh.

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