Thursday, July 31, 2003


If's Cyborger program is to be taken seriously, the gang is a serious kick-ass bunch of cyborgs. Based on our names, here's the team:

For Surveillance and Exploration

C.A.R.L.O.: Cybernetic Android Responsible for Logical Observation
M.A.R.C.O.: Mechanical Android Responsible for Calculation and Observation
C.A.M.I.L.L.E.: Cybernetic Artificial Machine Intended for Learning and Logical Exploration
N.O.E.L.: Networked Obedient Exploration Lifeform
D.I.N.O.: Device Intended for Nocturnal Observation

For Destruction and Nullification

D.E.A.N.: Device Engineered for Assassination and Nullification
N.I.K.K.I.: Networked Individual Keen on Killing and Infiltration
A.R.N.O.L.D.: Artificial Robotic Neohuman Optimized for Logical Destruction
C.Y.N.T.H.I.A.: Cybernetic Ytterbium Neohuman Trained for Hazardous Infiltration and Assassination

For Both

V.I.N.N.I.E.: Vigilant Individual Normally for Nocturnal Infiltration and Exploration
J.A.S.O.N.: Journeying Android Skilled in Observation and Nullification

But if I were to use my first name, here's what I'm supposed to be:

V.I.S.C.O.N.D.E.: Vigilant Intelligent Soldier Calibrated for Online Nullification and Dangerous Exploration

I aaaammmm the powweeeerrrrr!!!

(Thanks to the Technician Optimized for Battle and Intensive Exploration for the link!)

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