With a Superstar

Sitting beside Gerry Alanguilan at the recent Toys and Collectibles Convention was really a humbling experience, especially seeing the number of people who pick up his stuff and ask for autographs. If you've read Wasted and haven't met him, you'll be surprised to find how unassuming he really is. And for those who don't already know, his upcoming work is with fellow superstar Leinil Francis Yu, Superman: Birthright.

Over recent years, my respect for inkers has grown. Inking is a difficult and precise art that many don't appreciate, and inkers don't get a lot of praise. But apart from being one of the best inkers around, Gerry has top-notch illustration work, too. So he's not just a great 'tracer.' He'll be coming out with his portfolio book soon.


I won't be able to blog as regularly from now on. Pipeline is closing and Kestrel IMC is born, setting up shop just a floor below. Internet access will be 'rationed,' I believe, and I'll be blogging in hiccups.

The good thing about being part of a set-up company is that you get to iron out all the kinks of the past and start fresh. Crossing fingers and toes that Kestrel IMC flies off higher and farther than its predecessor. A group effort right there.


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