Zsazsa Updates

1) Businessworld - An FAQ article came out in the country's foremost business broadsheet today. The online version, which is only available over the weekend unless you have an account with Business World Online, can be found here. Oozillion thanks to the nice folks at Business World (hello, Gik!) for taking interest in Zsazsa Zaturnnah. (Though the pics show how ugly I can be.) I await the Manila Standard article.

2) Showbiz - The guys at Comic Quest informed me that someone from Star Cinema passed by and asked what the top-selling Filipino comic book was. Said represenatative bought Zsazsa upon recommendation from the guys. Also, John "Sweet" Lapus of The Buzz reportedly mentioned about Zaturnnah in the showbiz talkshow. This was according to the brother of my editor Reby Gaw. I still have to confirm this one.

3) Book Award? - Writer/journalist/lecturer Ruey de Vera intimated that Zsazsa Part One was submitted for consideration to the Manila Critics Circle for this year's National Book Awards. It would be very flattering if it gets into the list of finalists. However, if that happens, I really have no illusions of winning over Arnold Arre's After Eden.


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