Weekend Plans

I want to catch Comedy Concert Queen Ai-Ai dela Alas' starring pic Ang Tanging Ina. It's been a long time since I caught a Pinoy movie, and I do need a good laugh. Praying that the film delivers the goods in that department.

I will implore the universe to help me find some kind of order in my life, not so much in terms of direction, but more on getting my filing system in place. My mom has been regularly giving my room some semblance of sanity, which frustrates me whenever I need to find something. But my mom's a cool soul, and she means well. I love my mom.

Part of the weekend plans is squeezing my imagination for Vinnie's sci-fi fantasy epic Twilight Empires, which I tackle beginning August. Twilight Empires gives me the opportunity to try something I haven't done before -- interpreting a writer's vision of an alien multiculture. This takes a good amount of planning and research, as I will require myself to do a huge bunch of study plates of locales, costumes, tech, and other elements, essentially the way the pros do it for film.

Might do a bit of reading, too. Finish up on the comics I haven't been touched in a while, and start with Laura Esquivel's Like Water For Chocolate, which Dean and Nikki volunteered to lend me.

Then I might continue threshing out the plot for the next book, or take on the writing assignments given by Dean. In between all of that, maybe I could get a good workout in.

Get lotsa sleep, too.


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