Sunday, May 18, 2003

Mitch Byrd's full and detailed style has captured my fancy, and I'm a fan. He's famous mostly for his really big nekkid women as you'll see through this link. I'm drawn to his style because there's an innate grace in his lines and composition, a much more fluid version of Adam Hughes and Frank Cho. And the detail is amazing -- simple but full of depth -- which reinforces the importance of knowing the basics before taking leaps forward. I haven't felt this excited over another artist's work since Adam Hughes' run in JLA.

His book Notes To Draw From is part-inspirational, part-instructional, and its evidently not a beginner's guide. It's simplicity is deceiving. While there are primers in perspective and composition written in a language far from technical, I see this book as mainly for those who have a good grasp of illustration basics and would want a fresh view on the craft.

No naked women in this one, but lotsa dinosaurs.

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