Thursday, May 29, 2003


Getting my life organized has always been my waterloo. Though at times I come off as having some semblance of order, the reality is clearly evident in my room. It's a mess, a fire hazard, a pit. It's not as bad as some of my other friend's inner sancti, but it still a cause of frustration on my part. While I am still able to find what I need beneath the stacks, I long for the day when I can get everything cleanly labeled and in their place, and have the discipline to keep it that way for a long time.

I long for the day when I could have a place of my own, with a bigger room, so I can start my journey to self-organization from scratch. In my ideal world, I'd have two large rooms. One for work, where I'll have the computer, the drafting table, the office desk, the shelves of references and files, and other related bits; and the other for personal where I'd have my bed, my entertainment center, my home gym, and shelves of books and comics for leisurely reading.

Speaking of rooms, my favorite part of the house is the kitchen. If I had more time on my hands, I'd cook more. My 'specialties' are more experimental, with around 90% chance of success, and have something to do with either pasta, soup, or rice. When I lived in Makati, I'd cook dinner for me and the ex. Quick flavorful fixes that don't take more than an hour to put together, with easy clean-up after. I even invested in a couple of cookbooks for reference. It's true what they say, that cooking can be therapeutic, and I do so to relax. Garlic is my friend, and so's ground black pepper.

I like experimental cuisine because it gives me the chance to go to the local grocery to see what's out there. Call me urban, but I much prefer supermarkets to their wet counterparts. The larger the place and the wider the selection, the better. Walking down those long aisles and beholding the variety helps me relax too, especially when the place isn't too crowded.

What kind of house would I like? Something simple and unassuming, less than 150 sqm. in floor area (I foresee I'll be living alone), with not too many walls. I'd like a place where I can be flexible with the interiors and use modular furniture. Outside would have, surrounding a cozy gazebo, small pocket gardens for a bit of nature's touch, and perhaps a tree where the nature spirits could reside. the overall place should be low- maintenance with lots of storage space. I'd hire a maid to come in from time to time, not stay over.

*sigh* Now only if the Lotto would cooperate.

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