Give and Take

I miss watching TV. When people start talking about Buffy and Alias, and even freakin' Fear Factor, I'm stricken with envy. I feel the same way when the family starts talking about any Pinoy or Mexican (and soon Taiwanese) telenovela or teleserye or whatever the term in vogue is. Maybe television doesn't interest me as much anymore, though I still manage to sit through episodes of The Buzz and Startalk when I've nothing better to do. I want my own TV. And a cable connection.

I miss watching movies. Pinoy movies, to be exact. I used to watch Sharon and Maricel bawl up rivers in the late 80s to early 90s. Now I'm supposed to be excited about Xerex and Sex Drive and Punla. Then there's the great videos, particularly anime, that my friends watch and talk about, or the computer games they play. I want my own DVD player. I want my own XBox or GameCube or whatever freakin' electronic game gadget is out there. Heck, I'd settle for a GameBoy Advanced.

To think that if I hadn't spent for printing all those comics, I would have had all of the above and then some. *sigh*

You win some and you lose some.


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