Sunday, May 11, 2003

Dream Dream Dream

Had a weird dream last night, one I'd classify under the Dark Fantasy section. Like all of the dreams I remember, this dream was in color, though the speakers were down. It started out with a letter from a friend of an ex which I had first thought to contain references to my past relationship, but instead issued a warning. It was an archetypal 'beware' letter, typewritten on a sheet of multi-colored lined paper.

Inside a vehicle driving out of the neighborhood. It seemed like I was driving (though in reality I don't really know how). Four women in blue appear in front of the vehicle, blocking its way. I back up and turn a corner. The women appear again.

A dark room, faintly illuminated by light reflecting from an unseen pool. It seemed like I was sitting on a chair, based on the angle. A smooth concrete wall some 10 to 15 feet in front of me with letters forming in a horizontal line on its surface and 'trickling' down to a table surface. I couldn't make out what the letters were. No particular words were discernible.

Same neighborhood scene with the vehicle, only now I see it from the outside, like I was on a boom crane. The vehicle was a silver and red van. The women in blue then appeared again, preventing the vehicle from passing.

There were other images in the dream that I fail to remember. Most vivid, however, was the feeling of impending doom. Like a portent of something sinister.

This is what I get from researching about magic. Weird stuff all around. I suppose my brain has decided to organize the new knowledge file clutter, and I see the dream as the mental version of activating Disk Defragmenter.

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