Thursday, May 08, 2003

Darna Delight

Last night, Dean, Gig, Marco and I coverged at Comic Quest with hopes of finally getting our own copies of Darna #2. This second installment of the Mango Comics' three-part debut title is, in my opinion, better than the first issue.

I've marvelled at Ryan's work in the past, his semi-realist style a balance between the angular and the fluid. Yet his work in Darna #1 feels rushed and uninspired. Lan Medina's softer lines, however, seem more appropriate for the Philippines' foremost super-heroine. His lay-outs are clean and certain, with none of the fancy-schmancy panelling a lot of young artists seem to be drawn to these days.

There's also improvement in the writing, and we get to see more of what's inside Darna's head and heart. Amor/Valentina is also given some meat in this issue. The writing may not be perfect -- there are still some odd splotches here and there -- but it's definitely less jarring. I hope this trend continues and gets better still with #3.

It's available now at ComicQuest and other fine comics stores.

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