Warning: Vanity Post

Gosh! I'm, like, getting so fat. Talk about major blimpoid totally, I swear can I just?! Like, I measured my waistline just a coupl'a nights ago. And it's soooo gross, I swear! Imagine, I was around 32 inches when the year started. Now it's gone up to 34! Major shockers! Terminal, I tell you.


Going to the gym on a regular basis is not my cup of tea. The less contact I get with people when I work out, the better. Though my references suggest that training with a partner can hasten development, I prefer training alone. In the mid 90s I invested in a set of weights which I use till now, and I've added more plates and bars last year. Even got myself a bench.

In late 2000, I weighed in at around 160lbs, mostly due to fat and excess water which sadly is genetically predisposed to accumulate around my midsection as opposed to getting equally distributed throughout my body. My waist was a whopping 37 inches and nobody believed it. During the peak of my heartbreak period in mid 2002, my weight plummeted to 135lbs, blessing me with a waistline of 32 inches. It couldn't have come at a better time (not to say that the heartbreak was welcome, though), as I had planned to again pursue weight training seriously.

I've even went as far as investing in those protein drinks and amino acid supplements and radically changing my diet. Virtually no-fat food which I'd buy and cook myself. No fried food (the oven toaster was my friend). No sweets. Over the past year, I've been seeing favorable improvements in my physique. So much so that I had to get new clothes.

My legs and inner back are still problem areas, and there's that ancient cellulite colony thriving in my belly. For the legs, I want to invest in a squat rack but I don't know where to put it. For the inner back, it's just a matter of tailoring the trap shrugs and the bench press to 'hit' that area. And as for the belly, well, it boils down to another round of dieting and more cardio work. (There is no such thing as spot reduction, meaning that your fatty paunch won't deflate no matter how many sit ups or crunches you do.)

I measure my improvements every six to eight weeks, even created progress chart on Excel, tracking my percentage improvements (or losses) and how far I have to go before reaching my goals. It's a semi-obsession it seems.

But making good comics still rules.


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