Monday, April 14, 2003

It's another Monday. Been a while since I posted. Annual report season is almost over, thank goodness.

Felt another depression attack last night, and countered it with a great back and biceps workout. According to the stuff I've been reading, a good workout helps keep those negative emotions at bay. You guys ought to try it. Lessee... Wednesday for legs and glutes, Fridays for chest, shoulders, and triceps. Going to go through this split for the next three months before I start work on the new comics project.

I headed for the printing press to check up on Zsazsa Part Two. My heart stopped when the accounts person told me that they needed an extra week because of the Holy Week break. I calmly told her that I had already announced an April 26 release. We finally settled on a partial delivery. Just when you thought everything was okay... *sigh*

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