The 'Coolness' of Comics

The website Ninth Art contains lots of comics-related essays which are not only informative and insightful, but also fun to read. One of the essays by Kieron Gillen dissects the medium in the context of 'coolness.' He begins...

"Grant Morrison said a pretty interesting thing to Sequential Tart a few months ago:

"Having spent fifteen years of my life trying very hard to promote my field and gain the respect of 'mainstream' culture, I've come to the conclusion that only the very cool and the very uncool will really care about comics in any significant way in the future."

And while that, like any extreme dichotomy painted on existence's vivid continuum, is full of shit, he still has something of a point.

The way Mr Morrison paints it, comic readers are either polysexual Shaman folding their consciousness into sub-dimensional pockets to a neo-disco-beat, or they live above their parent's garage masturbating to grainy web-cam footage of polysexual Shaman getting it on with each other via a pay-per-view website."

Read the essay here


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