Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Beauty Beheld

While having my customary coffee at the al fresco area of Country Waffles Annapolis, my eyes fell upon this sharp-featured lass seated inside the restaurant. Vaguely-familiar, I thought. My eyes would bounce between this woman and the TV screen which was showing some low-budget horror flick. A slightly older mestizo guy joined her and, when she stood to greet him, I fluttered. It was Angela Velez. Gadzooks, the Angela Velez who made my eyes dilate whenever she'd do some sexy dance thing on television. She was wearing this low-neckline thing beneath a denim jacket, simple and casual, yet not so much given the beautiful face. Her head seemed slightly larger than her body, but then they do say that the telly never lies, so maybe it was just me.

Guess who walks into the restaurant minutes later? Why, it's former MTVeejay Regine Tolentino! Another beautiful face and sexy bod, Regine joins Angela and elder mestizo guy and they all engage in apparently delightful banter. Sitting beside Angela, Regine was in this khaki-colored business number (but with a super short skirt). Admittedly, seeing these two gorgeous women together made me swoon a tad, but of course there were other distractions.

Which leads then to the question: was their little rivalry a publicity stunt? Those who've been religiously updating themselves on the Philippine showbiz scene would know that a few months ago, a little rift happened between these two bombshells, courtesy of a 'dance showdown' in a noontime variety show. Angela's number required her to store a bit of ignitable fluid in her mouth to give her that 'fire-breathing' ability. But for one reason or other, she wasn't to able to make the display. So she reportedly let the fluid out on the floor. When Regine's number followed, there wasn't anytime to mop off the slippery liquid. So in front of millions of televiewers, poor Regine was slipping and sliding throughout her performance. Regine accused Angela of rigging the showdown, and Angela tried to explain her side, teary and all. But that issue fizzled out as if it never had been, like most local showbiz stories.

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