Can I just say that I'm soooooo exhaauuusssted?!?!

The 1st Philippine Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention will be happening on the 12th of March and I'll be part of the Alamat booth. With me will be some of the great Alamat peeps. I plan to post preview pages of Zaturnnah Part Two, mini-exhibit style. Hopefully, some of the visitors would get a copy of Part One.

So two of the sample copies at Megamall were bought. Felt bad about that. Had no idea that the book would fly off the shelves that fast. A couple of weeks after I delivered 15 copies to CCHQ in Katipunan, I got a text reporting that 2 copies were left and I needed to replenish. Might drop by the place tomorrow.

The Manila Standard contacted me for a full-page feature; really nice of them to give me that much space. Was also contacted by RJ Ledesma ("Joey" of those old Royal Tru-Orange ads) who now works for ABS-CBN, telling me of the station's interest in featuring Zaturnnah in Magandang Umaga, Bayan. I had to decline the kind offer. The book was already reviewed by the Philippine Daily Inquirer,, and is supposed to be reviewed by MTV Ink in May. Various netizens have posted their own reviews in their blogs and mailing lists, but it's tough to find 'em. So if you find a review about Zaturnnah on the web, please send me a link through It will be very much appreciated.

Feeling the pressure here. Must keep myself tight and intact.


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