Monday, March 24, 2003

2nd Update

Here's another update on Zsazsa Part 2.

The draft is with my sooper-editor Reby, who's done a great job doing the little fixes on my Filipino. While I have a bit of confidence scribbling in the vernacular, I get all mixed up sometimes on the verb forms. In Part 1, no more than 15% was approximately edited, which is a good thing in my book.

So when I get that draft on Wednesday, I hope to do the corrections and package the whole thingie for presswork on Saturday. Whoopee!!

Zsazsa Part 1 is still selling, thanks to you guys, and quite rapidly. My first book One Night In Purgatory has been hitching on Zsazsa's T-back. That's been moving, too, albeit slowly.

If you've read Dean's blog, you already know that I have a concept for a new book, a one-shot modern fantasy story that'll be around 64-pages. This is different from the ones I've blogged about earlier. Them ideas just keep a-comin'; that's what I get from watching The Hours. (Nicole Kidman, you go, girl! Stuff that Oscar award down Tom's throat!) Dean, Nikki, and Vin clearly found the new concept interesting. But as always, I'm faced with the challenge of writing it the way it deserves to be written.

In any case, I'm still dead-set in fulfilling my personal objective to release a solo book a year. While that's going on, I'm slated to do other comics stuff for other peeps, as well as continue my foray into prose writing for After Zsazsa is out, I'm gonna slow down for quite a bit and focus on my job first. Head back to working out and reading, activities I had to stop doing because of Zsazsa. I'll go for another round of comics creation self-abuse by July or August.

"And I won't regret, what I did for love..."

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