A Ghostbusting Aquatic Feline?
My niece, in her past life we assume, was a cat by the name of Findette who lived with her dad near the sea. Later she found herself in a spider's web where she grew up to become human.

This is the revelation my four-year old niece made to me and my mom this morning. We didn't ask her about her past life (she had already been talking too much since she woke up); she just volunteered the information as if it happened only yesterday. And you know kids... they say things as they are.

On one occasion, she was minding her own business, playing by herself on the terrace when her gaze suddenly darts to the window leading to the living room and staircase. She blurts in Filipino, "Get away from there, or else I'll punch you in the face!!"

Her mom asks why she was shouting, and the reply was, "The white lady's disturbing me! She's at the window looking at me!"

Wow, she could be a Ghostbuster!

Little niece had claimed to see the white lady a number of times before. She even drew pictures of her. Anyway, trying not to feel freaked out, her mom tries to calm her daughter down by saying, "But the white lady's just watching you play. Leave her alone." And my niece does calm down.

Minutes later, her mom asks where the white lady was. My niece turns to the window and, without batting her long eyelashes, says, "She's at the staircase."

I guess 'em white ladies really move around.


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