Bracing for The Thousand Cats
Sadako came into our lives weeks ago. A wee thing, with bulbous cloudy eyes and fur that perenially stood on end. I was at the terrace that night when she made her presence known, (At this point, I still don't know if she's indeed female.) which was surprising since stray kittens don't usually approach humans.

The household is used to having cats around. My sister used to raise 'em; we had eight gorgeous crossbreeds then. But because feeding all of 'em with expensive cat food was not an economically wise thing to do, we had to say goodbye to most of them. Before Sadako came, we had Evita, and her kids Zaturnnah and Becky. Evita and Zaturnnah only visit now. Becky is nowhere to be found.

Just this afternoon, two new kittens waltzed casually into our lives, and are currently huddled fast asleep with Sadako on the front doormat. These newbies we've christened Samara and DaRing. My cousin then made reference to the Sandman story, "A Dream of A Thousand Cats." Well, we've got 997 to go.


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