The Zaturnnah "Cover Girl" Print: How To Order

Thanks for dropping by! If you're interested in getting your own giclée print of the Zaturnnah artwork that appears on one of the October covers of Esquire Philippines, please read the information provided below.
A giclée print (zhee-clay) is a fancy term for an image printed on archival paper using one of those huge top-of-the-line inkjet printers that most of us can't afford. Those who specialize in making these prints will tell you that the color quality is supposed to last for decades. Professional artists and photographers turn to making giclée prints to sell and share their work.

The "Zsazsa Zaturnnah: Cover Girl" print will be exclusively produced by Giclee Manila.

For the Zaturnnah "Cover Girl" print, there will be four sizes.

Size A: 18.5" x 27"  Price: Php 3,000
Size B: 15" x 22"  Price: Php 2,250
Size C: 12.5" x 18.5"  Price: Php 1,800
Size D: 10" x 15"  Price Php 1,450

  • These prints will only be available for order until February 28, 2017.
  • Print deliveries primarily cover the Philippines only. As much a we'd like to cater to buyers outside the Philippines, the shipping and packaging costs would end up lot higher than the print itself.  (Note: If you are outside the Philippines and would really like to order, please email and ask for a shipping and packaging estimate.)
  • Packaging and shipping for Philippine orders is an additional Php500. If you want to save on shipping and packaging, you may bring your own container and pick up your order at the Giclée Manila office instead. It is located at 6 Fatima Street, Barangay Plainview, Mandaluyong City.

  • All sizes include a 0.5" white border on the top and sides, with a slightly wider border at the bottom, which contains the title.
  • I will be signing all ordered prints. This is an open-edition print. No certificates of authenticity will be issued, nor will they be numbered. (If I made this a limited edition print, then the price would be a lot higher.)
  • We will be using semi-glossy FPI Satine stock, at 245gsm. It is acid-free, so it isn't prone to yellowing. Giclée Manila will ensure that this paper stock is always available.
  • Visit the Giclee Manila office on weekdays between 10am and 5pm.
  • Give them a call through 633-8559 or 239-9607 on weekdays between 10am and 5pm. 
  • Email them through In your email message, specify the size and quantity that you want to order, and give your full name, delivery address and contact number.
  • After you've placed your order, you will be asked to pay a 50% downpayment. Once the print is ready, Giclee Manila will contact you for the 50% balance. They will send the print to you once the payment of the balance has been verified. If you plan to pick up your print, however, you may settle the balance at the Giclee Manila office.
  • If you're not settling payments at their office, you may do so through bank deposit. You will be given bank information after you've placed your order. (Paypal is another option, but Giclee Manila will charge an extra transaction fee depending on the price of your order/s.)
  • Allow up to two weeks for delivery after verification of payment. If you've paid through bank deposit, email Giclee Manila a photo of the deposit slip.
  • Giclée Manila ensures that all prints go through stringent quality control. In case you're not satisfied, however, Giclée Manila has a money-back guarantee of up to seven (7) days upon delivery. Within this period, you can get a full refund of the price of the print once you present your receipt  and provide proof that you have destroyed the print. (My suggestion here is to email them a short low-resolution video clip of you showing the entire print, then writing your name with a black marker on Zaturnnah's face. Harsh, yes.)
Important: if you have any questions about the above, please get in touch with the staff of Giclée Manila for clarification. All information presented here was provided and verified by them, so they would be the best people to ask.

Thank you in advance!


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