Friday, March 11, 2011

Thanks to Bed

Better late than never. I'd like to extend thanks to Nikky Nicandro and the management of Bed Bar in Malate for allowing me and my friend to sell tickets within their territorial waters. Bed has been helping us promote the Feb 26 evening and March 13 matinee shows of the Zaturnnah musical, and I was lucky enough to check out the place without paying a dime. It was an early weeknight, so there wasn't so much of a crowd.

If you've the time, do check out Bed and their swanky new interiors. I hear Saturday nights can get really exciting, at least, depending on which side of the fence you're on.

Anyway, if you still wanna catch this Sunday matinee's performance of the Zaturnnah musical, do contact my work-a-diva-holic friend Jam. Her contact details are at the bottom of this webpage:


skysenshi said...

Oh no, they might run out of tickets haha! I have the March 5 ticket, which I will be using for the March 13 matinee show...but I have a friend that needs tickets. I'll have to go check if there are still some left. :)

skysenshi said...

Oh nooooo! I checked and our seats are being sold for March 13. Would they have arrangements for us? We were supposed to watch on March 5, but the problem was, CCP cancelled the shows on that day. :(

Carver said...

The cancellation was really a stroke of bad luck, unfortunately.

Anyway, the press release is: Mar 5 Sat 3pm will be honored on MAR 13 SUN 8PM and Mar 5 Sat 8pm will be honored on MAR 19 SAT 8PM. In effect, your schedule was only moved and they cannot resell your seats.

skysenshi said...

Thank goodness! It seems that the opened seats were for the earlier show, same date. We were able to watch and it was spectacular.

Oh...and my sister was able to get your autograph on that day. :D Thanks! :D :D :D

Carver said...

Tenks tenks for watching! :-D


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