Dear Chowking...

Dear Chowking,

I must say that in the past, I have enjoyed your food selections and your affordable prices. I would order kangkong--my Chowking staple--and I'd appreciate how you'd always serve this nutritious swamp grass in a nice neat bundle. And your bagoong tastes wonderful.

Last May 16, 2010, I visited your Robinson's Forum branch to have dinner, and I ordered kangkong again. I also ordered your Oh!range Chicken, not because of Jericho Rosales, but because the dish looked oh-s0-good in the pictures.

Here is what I got. This picture was taken before I even touched the thing.

Why, Chowking? Why have you betrayed me? There are backwater karinderyas who serve their food in a more appealing way than this. And not even an orange slice in my chicken? (But what about those lovely pictures?)

I still go to Chowking, so maybe this letter may be pointless to you. And I understand that, yes, Chowking is still fastfood, and the above display was, indeed, prepared fast. But maybe a bit too fast. (This is why fashion models are discouraged from rushing the catwalk.) Plus, I also understand the concept of caveat emptor, wherein the actual food doesn't look as good as the professionally-styled images in your store displays, but this is pushing it a bit too far. I have more often been satisfied with your food presentations, even with your agile staff darting and tumbling across your restaurant kitchens and dining areas. So I will consider this incident as a momentary lapse in artistic judgment on the part of your kitchen staff.

Still, as an establishment that wants to become world-class, the disaster shown above doesn't hold any promises for your ambitions.

Thank you for listening. Mabuhay ang Chowking.


Jam Mayer said…
I've shared this in our FB fan page.

I'm hoping that this could encourage more people to start voicing out their concerns (not just with Chowking) but with any establishment.
Kitten said…
I agree, Chowking is really slacking off with their food and customer service. It's just like they slapped their food into the plate. As for the food, still the same. I too am not expecting highly of presentation since it is fast food.
Rocky S. said…
Hay naku, Carl, I've long banned my family in patronizing Chowking. At least three times na kaming may experience ng lack of hygiene sa food preparation nila, like plastic strips in congee. Plus stinky toilets. 'Nuff said.
rudeboy said…
Wow, that looks really pathetic.
Gio Paredes said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gio Paredes said…
Hindi talaga standard ang mga stores ng Chowking. Their branch in Raffles Builing in ortigas near our office where I often eat does not have Yang Chow(which is my fav.). And other stores serves Yang Chow with BIG shirmp, some small shrimp and others does not server any shrimp with it at all.
I hope that they standardize all of their branches (Franchise of not).
Ed said…
Ever since I encountered the halu-halo iceberg, I stopped eating at Chowking. Medyo nauumay rin ako sa mga sauces nila. Must be me.

But yeah, dapat nga sa tingin pa lang masarap na.
Unknown said…
I used to love their siopao, but not now. They're not filling as they used to be.

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