Saturday, March 06, 2010

"Renaissance" Book Signing at NBS - Greenbelt 5

  • Those who are aching to get a copy of "Renaissance: Ang Muling Pagsilang" can drop by National Bookstore - Glorietta 5 (not Greenbelt 5 as originally reported) on March 13 (Saturday) from four to six in the afternoon. This is the first leg of a three-venue book tour. I'll try to attend. A number of artists will be in attendance for all you autograph-seekers. Do get a copy... it's for a good cause.
  • The annual Summer Komikon is back! All you comics fans can swing by the UP Bahay ng Alumni at UP Diliman on April 17, 2010. If you're up to joining a Komikon contest, check out the official Komikon blog.
  • With the mounting pressures at work as well as my ongoing crusade to finish the Zaturnnah book, I thought it best to create a little diversion for myself. I haven't made a website in a while, so I took some time to set up the Color Kiddies website, which features downloadable coloring pages for kids. It's still in "beta" and a there aren't a lot of images in there, but do take a peek if you have the time. One of these days I'll get around to doing my own personal website, an inevitability given that I already bought the domain name.
  • A number of you may have already heard Charice Pempengco's Pyramid, and it's got me hoping that it becomes a major hit here, if only to convince local music producers to invest in developing more new material for our local artists. It seems that only Pinoy bands are pushing new material. (A fine example is Kenyo's Simulan Na Natin) Pinoy pop needs to thrive and grow and innovate. Enough of the karaoke-sounding remakes!

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