Monday, March 01, 2010

Photoshopping Charice Pempengco

I love love love Charice! I can't wait to hear her debut album, which is supposed to be released within the next few months. And I can't wait to see any of her singles land in the Billboard Top 10. Her second single Pyramid is reportedly climbing Billboard's dance charts. This follows the #44 peak she earned in the Hot 100 for Note To God.

Of course, since David Foster et al. would want Charice to be more relevant and current to the U.S. audience, packaging Charice would be part of the plan. Here's the "cover image" for the remix compilation of her single Pyramid as it appears in Amazon.

So far so good. Not a whole lot of Photoshopping here. And the pose works well for her. I actually love everything about how she looks here, including the dance-diva threads. But then here comes the cover image for the album version of the single...


Normally, I'd scoff at digital alterations like this. But I'm unforgiveably biased, so I'm giving it a lot of love right now. What do you think?

If you haven't watched Charice perform at last year's pre-Oscar party (where she sings an original song Fingerprint, watch it here.)


Anonymous said...

i her too. she looks soo sexy but still modest. Way to go Ms. Charice.

kc cordero said...

she's pretty. i like her smile. :)

ardee sean said...

she's really great. i like her voice. it makes us proud to be Filipino. :P

hdwallpapersz said...

i like it


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