Saturday, January 23, 2010

On Making Changes

Shown here are two panels I'm quite proud of (click on the image to enlarge). I took some time thinking about how to compose them and what sort of props would go into them, down to the pattern on Gwyneth's goblet. I also like how cleanly my lines ended up, like Ada's hair and the little basket filled with sewing thingies. I wish all the panels of the book would come out this way.

The punchline? These panels are "rejected." They will never see print.

Not to say that they're not good enough. It's just that they didn't fit anymore. When I painstakingly reworked the script, a very draining activity, this simple event -- Gwyneth talking to Ada and Dodong in the living room -- didn't happen. Sort of a "Sliding Doors" moment, and the rest of the first two chapters changed for the most part. Hopefully for the better of the whole.

There are times when we need to change the way we do things if we intend to move forward. The first way, the most comfortable way, isn't always the best way. In some cases, the most comfortable way, fed by our habits or world view or self-perception, becomes a crutch in the long run. As we grow older, the crutch becomes a cast or, worse, paralysis. Idealism becomes an enemy, and we end up with our could'ves and should'ves.

This is especially true with having big dreams but being unwilling to make a few changes to achieve them. In my case, the big dream is finishing the Zaturnnah sequel as soon as possible. The change I chose to make is to accept less side projects even though I need the money. It's only January, so I hope I can exact that change, along with being more frugal in my lifestyle. And, of course, being more diligent in working out and watching what I eat. The extra endurance will help lots.

I have other big dreams, but one thing at a time, right? Other changes needed would be to exercise more patience and more focus. But... one thing at a time.


gwyneth!!! said...

i have those goblets!!!!! a dozen of them.. bought them last october!!!!

Carver said...

Wow! How surreal is that? :-)


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