Video of Alleged Gay Bashing



rudeboy said…
Whoa, that's terrible. And eerily, it's in sharp contrast to the entry I posted just this morning, about two cross-dressers beating up two would-be gay bashers.

What a world we live in.
me! said…
Naalala ko tuloy bigla.
I visited a friend somewhere in cavite way back 2007. So after a long chat, he and our other gay friends strolled in the street. We were invited by bunch of drinking men to join their moment and to be fair they were really nice.. There's this "mute" guy who keeps on offering me like a seat, a drink, a cigarette but I keep on turning him down.. Honestly I did it in a very gentle way promise...
So lastly, he offered a candy to me and I turned it down again.. He just suddenly kicked me on my leg..
I was shocked.. Thank god, those men stopped and pulled him away from me. They apologized to me while scolding that guy.. Luckily, I didn't have any bruise nor pains on my leg. In fact I didn't even felt it..
Di naman ako mahilig rumampa and hindi naman din flamboyant, hindi rin ako pala-usap sa guys,soft-mannered lang ako and I look pretty decent naman but na-awardan parin ako??.. haayysstt..

I guess it's just part of being a gay...

So lesson learned: Don't turn down a guy hahaa joke!!
Learn to Protect yourself by avoiding these kinds of lunatics..
Whether you're straight or gay, this may happen to you..

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