News Roundup: Fil-Am wins against Guess co-founder

  • The statement, "Back at' ya!" took a profitable meaning when Filipino-American Elizabeth Tagle won an anti-defamation case against Guess co-founder Georges Marciano. Tagle, along with five former Guess employees which Marciano had previously fired, had been sued for embezzlement. Tagle walked away from the courtroom $74 million dollars richer. Read the Northwest Asian Weekly news report.
  • Last August 4, the American Psychological Association adopted a resolution that reparative therapies that purport to "cure" homosexuality do not work, and advised practitioners not to lead patients into believing otherwise. This is after over four decades of peer-reviewed studies. Read the Washington Post report.
  • Speaking of homosexuality, Harry Potter star Danielle Radcliffe recently donated a huge sum to The Trevor Project, a homosexual support group for young people. Radcliffe calls homophobes "disgusting and stupid." Read the report at The Hindu.
  • Plus... X-Men and Superman Returns director Bryan Singer will soon add another geeky movie to his portfolio--Battlestar Galactica. The report on Yahoo! News.


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