G.I. Joke?

  • The G.I. Joe movie sucked like anything. Pffft! Seemed like it didn't know what it wanted to be. On one end we got Storm Shadow stabbing and slicing at people, then on the other end we got cheeseball romantic interludes between Ripcord and Scarlett. The climactic CG-stuffed underwater scenewasn't as pulse-pounding as the CG-stuffed Paris chase scene. and their take on the Baroness...well...not the one I remember from the cartoon... One-third into the movie, I was entertaining urges to bolt from the theater. Good thing Channing Tatum was in it. He was the main reason I wanted to watch the movie, and eventually became the reason why I stayed in my seat.
  • The online petition to sanction Wowowee host Willie Revillame has topped 32,000 signatures as of this writing, and the vitriol just keeps spewing. Question is: to where does this online petition go? Wowowee director Johnny Manahan recently spoke with the Philippine Entertainment Portal to air his side of the issue, saying "Willie should not have blown up on air. He should not have given in to his emotions which put him out of control, leaving him wide open for mistakes." The article ends with Manahan declaring support for the controversial television host. That article so far has generated over 2,200 comments. (How I'd love to get 2,200 for anything I've written.)
  • Again with the National Artist issue: Will there ever be a National Artist for Comics? Will writing for comics be considered Literature in the eyes of the Filipino literati? If Nonoy Marcelo of Ikabod Bubwit, or Pol Medina, Jr. of Pugad Baboy fame were in the running, what category would they qualify for, given that they both write and illustrate their works?


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