Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Controversies updated

1) ABS-CBN issues statement about Willie Revillame's actions on Wowowee. We shouldn't be surprised. One of these days, someone should compile a Top 10 list of Wowowee controversies.

2) The family of Mars Ravelo reacts to the National Artist brouhaha. May major intriga na ang comics industry. If anything, at least napapansin nanaman ang industriya.

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A new plant has been found in the Philippines. This new plant, which is capable of trapping and eating rats, was discovered in 2007 by a British-led team. The team decided to name the plant Nepenthes attenboroughii, after the wildlife broadcaster Sir David Attenborough. See the picture through the Telegraph website, and wonder why they didn't call it Nepenthes filipinensi instead. (Or, they could've used the names of the Christian missionaries who reported the plant's existence. Give credit where credit is due.)

Addedum 8/19/09: Apparently, there is already a Nepenthes philippinensis, also endemic to Palawan.

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