Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bank glitch?

Do recall that my wallet was stolen on the afternoon of June 28th. I promptly called the customer service hotline of the bank to get my ATM account suspended until I could get a replacement. Confident that no one could touch what little money I had, I went to the bank branch the next day. After filling out the requisite forms, the new accounts person told me to pick up my new ATM card the following week.

I got my card last Monday, and was told to wait for 24 hours before checking my account balance.

So imagine my surprise when I checked my account yesterday--it was about a few thousand pesos less than what I had. How could that be, I thought? When I called last June 28, the bank's customer service rep confirmed that my account balance didn't change, so why was there a deduction?

I called the customer service hotline again this morning to report the discrepancy. Even the customer service rep had the tone of surprise when she checked the records. Unfortunately, she said, the information about activity in my account could only be checked on another server which was undergoing a "system upgrade."

So I'll call them again. Hopefully, this is all just a glitch.

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