Up in Smoke

This is my 18th smoke/nicotine-free day. I attempted at a few puffs some nights ago and found the taste dreadful, making me wonder how I ever got started in the first place. I became a regular smoker in 1994, graduating to pack-a-day status soon after the start of the new millennium.

The first week after quitting was easier to get through since my attention was focused on the pain at my side. The second week was tough with the cravings becoming more persistent, though eating and sleeping seemed to be good substitutes. This week, the third, has been okay, save for the occasional wooziness I feel. The doctor says I can start a cardio routine, which I suppose can reverse this sluggishness. But the weight training won't happen until around March or April. I miss the gym.

Apart from the obvious health benefits, I look forward to saving an additional Php7,500+ a year. Those cigarette packs can add up.

My diet is back to normal with no restrictions, though I'm being more careful about the sudden excesses. Yesterday, I downed two marshmallow-topped chocolate glazed doughnuts along with strawberry-coated biscuits--not a good move. But overall, I've been eating smaller and more frequent meals, and staving off the fastfood. The challenge has been finding places to eat.

Anyway, my birthday is fast approaching. I expect to be pleasantly surprised.


Anonymous said…
Smoking cessation can really increase your appetite. If you can ask your doctor about smoking cessation programs from the hospital it might help. The bigger hospitals usually have this like UST and St. Luke's. I'm not sure about Medical City though. Take care and good luck.
Carver said…
Thanks for the suggestion! But I can't afford to pay another hospital bill. I'll just have to grin and bear it, like how my dad did it. :-)
Anonymous said…

So far, so goodah... yes, Going cold turkey on cigarettes can be tough, but you can do it. It's not a life and death decision, or is it ?

BTW, wala ba tayong complimentary copy doon sa GRAPHIC Classics mo ?

Martin Jimenez said…
Hi Carlo,

Ei man, nice to know you're now starting to stay off smoking. I kinda know how hard it is having some withdrawal problems once you started quitting on smoking. I remember back in the day when I started and I always get depressed or agitated. Now I'm on my 3rd year and I must say I feel great. The heavy breathing that I used to have has been less frequent, and I feel better. It can be hard, but for me the trade off is better. Neways advance happy birthday to you man!! Hope you have a better 2009. ^___^

Dio Brando

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