Nang-iinis si Gerry Alanguilan

It's when I see artwork like this that I heave a sigh and suppress the desire to swear.

This wonderful piece is by Gerry Alanguilan, no less--set to appear in the fourth and last installment of his Elmer limited series. His is one of the styles that I, during those moments when I question my artistic ability, try to take apart to discover its secrets.

Apart from the art, Elmer has one of those stories that grab the gut. You couldn't believe the kind of emotions you'll feel from a family of talking chickens.

Gerry'd better compile Elmer soon. And if he does get this compiled, y'all non-comics readers do yourselves a favor and get a copy.


OliverTwist said…
hay naku, un nga lang "Wasted" ni Gerry Alanguilan eh na-amaze na ako sa details... now looking at this one, haayyy, wala akong masabi kundi PANALO! un lang po.

uhm tanong lang po, nakaout na ba ang Zaturnnah 2?
Anonymous said…
Yey! Elmer 4! at long last!

Carver said…
Oliver Twist... ay hindi pa po naka-out si Zaturnnah 2. In na in pa rin siya sa utak ko, pero unti-unti siyang lumalabas sa tenga ko. :) Pero seriously, I have to get it out next year...or else...

Tuxqs... YAY!

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