I Love Sean Penn

I loved him in I Am Sam, Carlito's Way, The Assassination of Richard Nixon, Mystic River, and Dead Man Walking, because there's always something new and fresh in his performances. Already with two Oscar noms plus one win, Penn's been my hands-down favorite Hollywood actor.

Now Sean Penn has taken another Oscar-worthy role in Milk, directed by Gus van Sant. Penn portrays Harvey Milk, who in the 1970s became the first openly gay man elected to a major political post.

To be released later this month in the US, Milk couldn't be any more timely with the recent passing of Proposition 8, which effectively limits the California constitution's definition of marriage as exclusive to heterosexuals, thus voiding thousands of already existing gay marriages in the state.

Do watch the trailer of Milk.


Anonymous said…

Yeah, Penn is cool. Napanood mo ba yung first film niya, FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH ! sa mga kasabayan niya doong artista, siya so far ang malayo ang narating, in my opinion.

Carver said…
Naku, Auggie... 11 years old pa lang ako nung lumabas ang Fast Times. And after college lang talaga ako nagka-interes sa Hollywood movies. Natuwa talaga ako kay Penn sa Carlito's Way, kase weakling ang character niya do'n. Sobrang contrast sa nakasanayan kong bad boy image niya.

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