Monday, October 27, 2008

Bayan Knights

Gilbert Monsanto is set to release through his Sacred Mountain Publications the premiere issue of Bayan Knights, which brings together Pinoy superheroes of various creators.

In an Philippine Daily Inquirer article, Monsanto intends to have Bayan Knights serve as a springboard for new creator-owned characters. "“The idea behind Bayan Knights is to introduce the characters and their creators and hopefully lead the readers to look for their own published comics books.”

The first issue of Bayan Knights is set to rock the upcoming November 22 Komikon at the UP Bahay ng Alumni.

Read the full PDI article, or visit the Bayan Knights blog.

Image from the Philippine Daily Inquirer website.


Planet Markus said...

Wow. Thanks for featuring Bayan Knights here, Carlo. We appreciate the support so much :)

Carver said...

Ay, you're welcome po. All the best! :-)


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