How Do I Feel?

This whole acid reflux thing is interesting. Before I went to the doctor, the only symptoms that bothered me were the lump in my throat and the occasional chest pain. I never noticed how often I burped, or the tingling sensation in my tummy whenever I'd eat. It was only after the doctor had made these symptoms known that I started paying attention to them.

Burp. Oh, no! A symptom!

Damn, there's that funny tummy feeling...

Okay, I wonder how I'd feel if I ate this?

So how did today go? Floating brain, floating brain. I only had eight sticks today, a vicious cut from my usual pack-a-day addiction. (I can't do what my father did. He quit cold turkey.) I didn't take coffee at all, save for a few minutes ago--just half a cup. I slowed down my eating pace, and paid careful attention to my portion sizes.

Right now, I'm cold-sweating like anything, which I heartily welcome. And the lump in my throat isn't as bad as it used to be. Like last night, I will sleep with my head raised--don't want the stomach acids playing around the esophagus. And I will drink my expensive meds.

I should go back to the gym. It's been a few months since the last workout.

Yes, it's all about health and, as me and Gwyn would say, para sa kagandahan ito.


Filipino People talaga, have the ability to withstand pain but still looking graceful...

Tama kayo ni Gwyn...Para ito sa Kagandahan...

P.S. Si Xiaobucks po ito, change blog na po ako, college na ako eh, hahaha... Smling Face...
Anonymous said…
wow. it's all about the food you eat and the lifestyle you live. don't stress yourself too much. try not to drink coffee and eat foods that are not heavily spiced. good luck with your health issues.

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