Sweet but Short

Last night found me at the GMA compound, cor. EDSA and Timog Avenue, where I participated in a segment of Sweet Life, the lifestyle show hosted by Lucy Torres-Gomez and Wilma Doesnt. I was to be interviewed about the first Zaturnnah book along with Manix Abrera (Kikomachine) and his dad, veteran catoonist Jess Abrera (A. Lipin).

At first I didn't know who would join me in the panel. In fact, I didn't know there was to be a panel at all. Apparently, the Sweet Life staff don't have a lot of time to put a week's worth of shows together, so they had to move heaven and all its planets to get some guests on. It was only when I arrived at the studio that I learned that I would be with the Abreras. A sigh of relief for me, the experience on a talk show being my first.

After getting my face made up and having a little chitchat with some of the Sweet Life staff, I saw Manix come in with his lovely girlfriend and the great Sir Jess, who was one of the most charming people I've ever met--doubly one of the most humble I've ever spoken with. And what surprised me more was how "kalog" he was. We asked each other questions, and he even offered to trade his Pinoy Nga! compilation with my Zaturnnah book. I couldn't say no to that. Talking to him made the long wait tolerable.

Then, director Carlo J. Caparas walked in with Donna Villa, and the chatter continued. Director Caparas intimated that he would be going back to the movies soon, though he didn't go into specifics.

The Sweet Life episode in question was about comics, and the taping began with an interview with Rey Valera, who had penned many of the theme songs of komiks-turned-movies. Sir Rey had a band with him, composed of his kids.

As the band played, a group of cartoonist-animators drew caricatures of the hosts. I had a talk with one of them before the taping started, and learned that they were part of the team responsible for an upcoming animated feature. They couldn't promote on the show, unfortunately, because that feature is reportedly to be released by a rival network.

The next part of the show focused on Direk Caparas, where he talked about the komiks revival among other things. His was an entire segment, given the director's title of "Komiks King." One of his latest creations, Gagambino, was picked up by GMA7 for fantaserye treatment, topbilled by Dennis Trillo.

After Direk Caparas' segment came ours. Sir Jess, Manix and I were led to the multi-colored sofa on the set. I was made to sit at the bright red section of the sofa despite the fact that I had a bright red shirt on. I joked to Manix about being swallowed up by the sofa. Each of us had about three or four questions apiece, so our exposure time in the segment wasn't too long. During that time I was a bit jittery, since I had to leave work early to participate in the taping. (Half of my mind was still thinking about layouts for Real Living.) I don't know if the show's editors will insert sample artwork during postprod. I hope they do.

So we spent over two hours in the studio for a segment that lasted less than 15 minutes, which I believe is pretty much the norm. And, anyway, it was my first talk show experience so it's something to write home about. Don't let me do a live talk show, however. At least not now. Or in the near future. Or ever.

Thanks to the staff and crew of QTV11's Sweet Life. The episode on comics will air on July 15 at 6pm.


Joriben Zaballa said…
Carl, panunoorin kita sa TV, hahaha. Can't wait for the Zaturnnah sequel. Your teaser pages makes me ask for more.


Ed said…
Wala akong cable kaya malabo (ang frequency) ko mapapanood ang show. But I'll try to fix the antenna just to see you guys. :D

Yey for you, Carl. ;)
enegue said…
Hi there Mr. Vergara! I'm a huge fan of your masterpiece! I'm ecstatic to know that you'll be coming up with a sequel to the ultramegabonggaciously delicious ZSAZSA ZATURNNAH..ah..hehe I can't wait to get a copy.

Just like a pesky fan, I would just like to inform you that I was able to catch the stage adaptation fo your work 3 times, twice at CCP and the other one at RCBC. I even watched the tamed cinema version. Even my professor in medicine loves it.

Ok, so this is sooo weird na hehe. Anyway, just want to show my support for your works! hehe never mind the homophobic bullies. I wish you all the best. May ZSAZSA save us all from the evil!
Anonymous said…
I think I'll watch the show just to see you and Manix Abrera(I always wonder how the guy behind the Kikomachine would look like)
even if it's only for 15 mins!
Yang said…
Bro...Jess Abrera is lola's nephew! His father and lola are first cousins!!!!!
Carver said…
Mga peeps, I finally got to see the clip, thanks to dear sis. I'm glad I don't look as bad as I thought I would. Thanks for watching. :)

Eugene...Naku, looks like you got a motherload Zaturnnah fix. :-) Thanks much. I hope the sequel will satisfy you. Um... whenever that will be. Heheh

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